Tuesday, 13 December 2011

If I had a wish list...

The good thing about a wish list is that you get to add all sorts of bits and bobs to it, yet because it's a wish list you don't really expect to get anything from it (LIE...that's a lie, I want at least one thing from it). I remember a Christmas wish list that I handed to my parents when I was little that included:
A hamster
A dress
A sofabed (a friend of mine had one and I thought it was amazing!)

I did get the dress and we definitely had a hamster, but unfortunately the sofabed didn't transpire, so I'm realistic...I've been trained well, I don't expect everything from the list.

Below are from the 'jewellery' category of my wish list (yes, there are categories). 

I really love all of the above, but fell instantly in love with the Love lasso ring when I first laid eyes on it in Grazia. So, besides leaving my wish list lying around the place I've also emailed the link to the lovely husband...just to be on the safe side. Fingers crossed.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Homemade Christmas tree decorations.

Use this recipe here once cooled these biscuits were so hard they'll make perfect tree decorations (or for actual edible biscuits, just bake for less time). Just make a little hole at the top to thread the ribbon through before baking. We decorated ours with glitter, just pop some glue on and then sprinkle...bingo, a lovely tree decoration. That is if you manage to pry it from the jaws of your 3 year old as they attempt to eat their lovely decoration.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Kitsch Christmas.

Christmas came early when I stumbled upon the kitschest Christmas cards one might ever see. Who knows what I'll do with them as they've been written in, Jan and Frank would be devastated to know that these cards haven't been treasured by the recipients. Fret not Jan and Frank, they're in safe hands now.

So naff, I love them! Happy Kitschmas!

I also found six lovely Biltons bowls in immaculate condition. A Christmas present to myself. Merry Christmas me.


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Train etiquette part trois.

Don't panic, I'll keep it brief, I know, yawn another train etiquette post, but seriously us Brits have a lot to answer for. I managed to avoid all pervy looking characters today as I boarded the train from London St Pancras, however what I did not anticipate was that the suited and booted businessman with iPad in tow would whip out a pastie! I mean what the freaking hell? Everyone knows that pasties reek, so why on earth would you think it acceptable to eat one not only in public but on a train where by default you impose it's quite distinct aroma on all those in the carriage in which you reside! Please add your 'Amen' to the comment section below if you agree! (and in return I promise to never post about trains again!)

Sunday, 4 December 2011

It's a bit Christmassy around these parts.

Today we decorated, we are running out of free weekends before Christmas and as we had a couple of friends coming over for LV's faux birthday (She's 3 on the 6th, but we'll be in work) we got on with making our home all about Christmas. First the tree went up, then the second tree, then the wreath on the front door and the smoking men were placed, Elf was of course playing in the background. I'm pretty pleased with the result:

Tree 1.

Tree 2.

LV's guests arrived and she opened her presents:

Moon dough...I regretted buying this, it ended up all over the rug.


LV was keen to get her new snugly dressing gown on.