Saturday, 21 April 2012

The great escape.

Last week I had to do some work in the night, I set my alarm for 12.45am, got up, supported a website release and then headed back to bed at 3am. It took me a while to get off to sleep so lets say I fell back to sleep at around 3.45am. I was exhausted. At around 5.30am, I heard a noise, I stirred but didn't wake fully, I rolled over, opened my eyes and there she was, LV had escaped her room and was staring me right in the face. This is the first time I have ever experienced extreme terror, my child isn't terrifying usually, but my irrational, snoozy mind could not process that someone was in my bedroom (LV has a security gate across her bedroom door). I squealed a bit, which freaked her out and I went all shaky (I think there was a bit of fear that it was an intruder...a tiny intruder, but an intruder all the same). I calmed down, she clambered into bed and we went back off to sleep.

When I got up in the morning I was baffled, her gate was still locked, surely she hadn't scaled the gate? I've seen her attempt this unsuccessfully a couple of times. Bit odd, but that was the only explanation really, I was just glad she'd manage to land the climb uninjured.

I didn't think anymore about it until yesterday, we were in the bathroom, she left and when I asked her where she was she said in her room, she had somehow managed to beat the security gate again, it remained locked but she was now inside her room. So, I waited it out, I knew she'd want to get out soon so I set up camp in the spare room and watched. When she'd had enough she got down on the floor, pushed the bottom of the gate outwards (the door frame fixtures have come loose), shimmied underneath holding the metal gate above her and then pushed it back into its original position! Gotcha! Crafty little minx. There's some DIY to be done this weekend, I can't handle another intruder panic.

 Scary intruder.


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Say what LV?

LV is full of cheek at the moment. Her new favourite saying: 'It doesn't matter, I don't CARE!' This doesn't sit well with me, she receives a stern look and threats of treats being with-held. This doesn't sit well with her so I think we're getting somewhere. However, the classic of this month was hollered in the middle of M&S: LV 'who's my dad??? MUUUM Who's my dad' Ahhhhhhhhhhh cringe, hide....... Me 'what do you mean? You know who your dad is!!!' LV ' I mean where's my dad?' Phew Me 'work sweetie' Panic over, my daughter knows who her father is. Phew. Xo.