Tuesday, 13 December 2011

If I had a wish list...

The good thing about a wish list is that you get to add all sorts of bits and bobs to it, yet because it's a wish list you don't really expect to get anything from it (LIE...that's a lie, I want at least one thing from it). I remember a Christmas wish list that I handed to my parents when I was little that included:
A hamster
A dress
A sofabed (a friend of mine had one and I thought it was amazing!)

I did get the dress and we definitely had a hamster, but unfortunately the sofabed didn't transpire, so I'm realistic...I've been trained well, I don't expect everything from the list.

Below are from the 'jewellery' category of my wish list (yes, there are categories). 

I really love all of the above, but fell instantly in love with the Love lasso ring when I first laid eyes on it in Grazia. So, besides leaving my wish list lying around the place I've also emailed the link to the lovely husband...just to be on the safe side. Fingers crossed.

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