Monday, 14 November 2011

Don't forget to wave!

Admittedly, as I drop LV at nursery I tend to have a fair few things on my mind...making it to the bus on time, early meetings, have I remembered to pack her wellies/gloves/hat etc so it threw me this morning when LV's keyworker said 'now don't forget to wave today mum, you forgot on Friday, u were too busy chatting to another mum and we had lots of tears' WTF? Firstly, I hate that she calls me mum, I'm not her mum, it's weird. Secondly give me a freaking break, so I forgot to wave, once, LV survived she hasn't been scarred for life by me not waving, once! Then as if this wasn't crushing enough a mum coming up the stairs said 'my husband witnessed it' and who the hell are you lady?! You'd think regardless of the fact this random woman and her husband had been talking about my abandoning parenting skills that they would keep it to themselves! Surely. So, I left nursery feeling retched and stood outside in the freezing cold waving up at LV in the window for five minutes, LV got bored and left the window..I out waved her..I really hope the worlds best mum/best cruella de ville impersonator was watching so she can report back to her husband. Super start to the day!

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