Saturday, 19 November 2011

Christmas thrifting.

LV slept in this morning, I didn't hear the sweet, delicate sound of her calling 'MUMMMMM...MUMMMM...MUMMY, MUMMY, MUMMMMMMYYYYYYY' until 7am. Every morning I get that sick feeling that I used to get when my mum and dad used to wake us in the night to get us in the car to go on holiday, then it was a bit queasy and lots of excitement, now it's just a lot queasy. Anyway, we got up and prepped for a morning of our (my) most favourite hobby...thrifting, yay. Today I found what might just be my most favourite find of all time (apart from the working typewriter), 5 beautiful Vintage Christmas Baubles! Horay.

We just need a festive white tree to hang them on...(I'm still working on this with Rob...he has suggested we spray paint the tree we have white instead of buying one...err no thanks!)

A wise old owl for LV's collection.

A lovely wicker magazine rack.

And a fairy costume.

I'm pleased, in fact I'm ecstatic about the baubles. So much so that I'm wondering whether we should decorate for Christmas next weekend.....may the campaign (to convince Rob that it's not too soon) commence, I might pop Elf on, soften him up.

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