Thursday, 3 November 2011

All Hallows' Eve.

As I stood in the queue at Sa waiting to pay for the naffest witch costume I'd ever seen dreading the scene in the morning where LV refused to wear the costume I'd wasted £12 on because 'it's not flippy enough' I made the mental decision not to buy it. I'd make one instead. The main issue was that I'd made this decision on Sunday 30th October at 4pm. Leaving me just a few hours to make LV a Halloween costume for nursery the next day. I settled on simple....she could go as a black cat. I already had a black long sleeved top, black leggings and a cat mask (I wore the mask on my hen do, I forget why!) so the only thing I had to make was a tail. Excellent. I made her a tail out of black tights stuffed with other tights, sewed the tail onto a belt made again out of a leg of tights and painted the end white. Easy peasy. Saintly costume making mother. I tried to generate some excitement the night before telling LV she'd be dressing up..
LV ' As a princess?'
Me 'no'
LV 'As a bunny again?'
Me 'no, not this time, you'll be dressing up as a cat'
LV 'no thank you mummy'
Me ' yay, it'll be so exciting, you'll have a tail and I'll paint whiskers on your face...'
LV 'Whiskers? Ok then mummy'
However, she was not happy about the costume.....she liked the face paint...but refused to wear the mask after this photo was taken:

Desperately reaching out to be saved from her homemade costume obsessed mother.

After being in nursery for around 10 minutes she spilt water all down herself and had to change into pink can't be a black cat with pink leggings on. Costume ruined. Next year I'm going to be prepared and I will hunt down the best shop bought costume ever....or if I make one, I'll leave myself enough time to do a less embarrassing job.
Note to self - buy a pumpkin the week before Halloween, leaving it until 4pm on 30th October means ALL the shops will have sold out. Fail.

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