Monday, 24 October 2011

Up a class.

Today is a big day, today LV moves up a class to the 3-5year olds room. She's been excited for weeks and I've been excited for her too, until today when I was walking her up the stairs. It felt very school like...I panicked, held the tears back and felt like shouting 'what next, university?'which I know is irrational because she's 3, so of course university isn't next, she has to actually start school first, and I would have looked a total loon shouting to myself on a nursery stairway. So I clung onto her thinking I'd have to peel her little hands from me as she begged me not to leave, I'd shuffle off feeling distraught at abandoning my child. But no, she shouted 'Go mummy, NOW', before practically pushing me down the stairs! So, I still felt distraught, mostly because I nearly fell down the stairs, but also because LV is growing up so fast. Distraught, but quite proud as well at how independent she is.

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