Monday, 4 July 2011

Learning to knit.

In an attempt to do something productive in the evenings after: a day in work, collecting LV, sorting tea, playing with LV and putting LV to bed other than slumping in a comotose like state on the sofa whilst staring blankly at whatever soap happens to be on at that time I decided to take up knitting. My reasoning being I could still have the TV on in the background but I would be doing something contructive at the same time. My sister is a crafty whiz, crochet is her thing and she's amazing at it, but she can knit too. She showed me the basics, which I picked up pretty quick, but I started the below scarf 12 months ago and as you can see, progress hasn't really been made....much:

So, I'm picking this project back up and in posting this I will be shamed into getting it done. I'm excellent at starting things, I'm satisfactory at finising them. Another reason to keep this hobby going is so I have something lovely to keep in my Grandmas knitting bag:

I really love this bag. My Grandma was a brilliant knitter.

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