Monday, 4 July 2011

The Dress.

Everyone says 'oh you'll just know when you find the right dress', I genuinely thought this wouldn't be the be the case for me. Things grow on me, there aren't many things I love instantly, but then there was The Dress. I'd been sending pictures of wedding dresses back and forth via email with George when she floored me with a corker by designer Claire Pettibone - it was love at first sight. I felt desperate for this dress yet I'd never even tried it on, it might have looked terrible on me, I'd never tried on any wedding dresses so had no idea what suited me and what didn't, but I loved it. I started searching for it online, calling shops that stocked the American designers dresses and I hit the jackpot when I spoke to a shop in Knowle who were just about to put their sample of the dress into sale. I panicked, they couldn't reserve it for me, I'd need to buy it without trying it, or I'd need to get to the shop pronto to try it on. I did the latter. The following day my mum, dad and I headed down to the shop, my dad busied himself on the highstreet whilst my mum and I waited in the shop. The surly shop assistant showed me the dress, it was incredible, but too big for me, but it could be altered, so I tried it on and that was that - SOLD. I tried on a few other dresses but was smitten with The One. My mum was also a big fan, even though it didn't fit when I tried it on and it was being held together by Miss surly face mum thought it was perfect.

I took the dress home that day - 11 months before the wedding! It then hung in various places around the house before I took it to a gorgeous little wedding boutique in West Bridgford Grace Couture where there was not one surly face in sight. Just two lovely ladies happy to help. The shop is beautiful with incredible dresses and gorgeous accessories, I bought my head-piece, necklace and earrings whilst attending my fittings.

On Saturday 25th June I got to wear the dress of my dreams and I couldn't have felt more lovely. Thanks Claire Pettibone.

(Taken the day before the wedding at the final fitting).


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