Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Happy Honeymoon.

So even though I'm yet to post the pictures from our big day (I'm waiting for the disc from the photographers!) I won't keep you in suspense about our lovely honeymoon in Barcelona. It was truly lovely. We decided not to leave until two days after the wedding, so we could spend a day recovering and catching up with our friends/family before they all headed home and so we had a chance to shop and pack. The honeymoon was an afterthought really that we hadn't paid much attention to until the day after the wedding when suddenly the panic of having not organised myself set in. Anyway, we managed to get organised, I dropped LV at nursery and then wailed like a loon in the car as I drove away (we had decided to go to Barcelona for four day on.....our......own). On arrival at the airport we were informed that our flight had been delayed, for two hours....super. So I did what any decent honeymooner would do:

I had a cider.

Once on the plane I started to panic and experienced irrational fear, what if the plane caught fire, what if it was hijacked, what if we crashed...I missed LV. This fear reappeared again in the taxi from the airport to the hotel and when we were flying home. For this reason I can't imagine a time when I will fly without LV again. So, Barcelona, we had a lovely time, we ate, drank, slept, lounged, laughed, relaxed and dabbled in a spot of sight-seeing. It was hot, very hot, a bit too hot for traipsing around, which made me feel less guilty about lounging by the pool. A glimpse at how we whittled our days away: I was rarely without a drink...naughty me.

A Margarita - my fave.

A white wine - another fave.

We ate...alot:

Amazing Vietnamese restaurant, right next door to our hotel.

Tapas - Yum.

More Tapas - double YUM.

We loved it, but we missed our little lamb and were pretty excited to be heading home, which is something I can't say I've ever experienced before!
My top tips:
1. Stay in the Gothic Quarter, it's lovely and a perfect spot to explore from.
2. Buy pastries from the bakery for breakfast - they're divine and much cheaper than brekkie in a cafe.
3. Eat Tapas in El Bourne.
4. Drink a massive beer on Las Ramblas - but be prepared to pay 10 euros per beer!
5. There was a fab flea market outside the Cathedral on Thursday and Friday - fun to look around, but mega expensive.

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