Friday, 8 July 2011

Boden we love you.

Boden, we love you, your clothes are gorgeous, wash well, last a long time, look darling - all very important to mamas but most of all we love that you put your beautiful clothes into the sale so people like me can buy them!

I had £100 worth of clothes for LV, for next year, in my basket...and then I got real and did a cull of the items I liked but didn't feel madly in love with. Yes, it's true, I often fall madly in love with items of I'm sitting tight waiting for these precious items to arrive. We're taking a big trip next year, to California, so LV needs some togs for the adventure.

Fifties dress (soft blue check)
Fifties dress (flowers)
Cherry hearts retro bikini

So sweet. LV will love them, so much so she'll probably say 'Oh mummy, I love those' - her new catchphrase, it gets me everytime.

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