Monday, 2 May 2011

Welsh weekend...

We headed to Wales Friday afternoon (after The Wedding), I was emotional and exhausted after a morning of 'ohhhing and ahhhing' over every aspect of The Royal Wedding I wonder whether I was also on a bit of a sugar crash having eaten three chocolate fondant muffins - before midday...I was anxious. We were greeted in Cowbridge with some lovely decorations:

Saturday we took a trip to Cosmeston Lakes, we chatted to the ducks, we played in the park:

It was tiring:

Sunday we ventured into Cardiff to visit lovely friends Sian and Jamie and then spent the evening in Barry Hospital as we'd forgotten to bring LV's inhaler! After a ropey nights sleep it was back to Nottingham for a snooze on the sofa followed by a trip to the park:

Only 4 weeks only the next bank holiday weekend, horay! xo.

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