Friday, 6 May 2011

Say what LV?

I love LV's interpretation of some of the classics, she's clearly a budding lyricist:
"Swinkle swinkle chocolate box, how a wonder what you are"

This mornings greeting:
"My mummy...I not sad I just lonely"
Quoting her favourite bedtime book Lost and Found

Journey back from Wales
"Stop mummy, the cows are eating our lunch!"
I have not once fed LV grass for her lunch, not once!

Getting dressed
"I'll wear these leggings as a dress"
I'm not sure how you'll do that LV

Looking out the window
"Where's sun gone mummy?"
Me: "It's behind the clouds"
"Can it come to our house?"
Me: "Not for dinner, but when the clouds move you'll be able to see it"
"No thanks"
OK then....


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