Monday, 9 May 2011

America...stop stealing my friends!

This weekend was bitter sweet, I had the pleasure of hanging with my my favourite gang of gal pals, but it was tinged with sadness as we were saying 'au revoir' to two  members, George and Jo. George is off to California and Jo New York, sounds rubbish I know. Both are transferring with work and both are about to embark on what I'm sure will be life changing adventures. I'm proud and excited for them. I'm also pretty psyched about heading out to the US of A myself to pay the girls a visit. So, the leaving do, what a hoot we had, there was marshmallows, pizza, cookies, chips and dip...balloons, stars and stripes themed tablecloths, paper plates and a PINATA!!amazing. There was music, dancing, cocktails, laughter and an incredibly painful headache the morning after to the extent where I had to support my head with my hands as I descended the stairs, but it was indeed a small price to pay for a fabulous party, with beautiful friends.

Another key highlight was Ally coming to bed (an hour after me) and announcing to me as I stirred that she was not LV, this I realised as LV is my daughter, 2.5 years old, whereas Al is 28 and I have no recollection of giving birth to her! After this misunderstanding she collapsed into bed and instructed I turn the light off.....'sure no probs Al', I've only been asleep for an hour and then woken in unusual circumstances with you claiming not to be my daughter!! A lowlight was receiving a text message at 7am (4 hours after getting into bed, 3 hours after the offspring mix up) that woke me, from a colleague stating he 'still had my fake Christmas tree at his and when would I like it back..' ummmm not now, how about at CHRISTMAS!! and not 7am on a Sunday morning.


Me and Jo, I am short, but not a borrower - Jo is standing on a ledge

This is lovely, apart from the double chin I'm sporting but I thought I'd kindly take one for the team as the others look splendid. Jo, George, Em, Me (with the double chin).

Sneaky, sneaky Emily!


Jo, Han, Al, George, Em, Me (trying to hide a cigarette - naughty)

Thank you for a fantastic night girls...(and for all the other fantastic days/nights over the last 13 years). xo.

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