Saturday, 4 February 2012

Is that a Gplan mirror? Thirfting fabulousness.

It has been weeks since I last thrifted, I lost my thrifting mojo, it's not that I haven't been on the hunt, more that I just haven't seen anything that I can really say I love. That was until today. Today I had low expectations, I sauntered into town and after finding two amazing treats in the first shop I made the decision not to continue to the others. Very unlike me, but I'm trying to reign in my thrifting ways and I'm under strict instructions that we really don't need any more junk! Junk? hardly.

Today's delights:

Is that a fabulous Gplan mirror I hear you ask? Why yes, it is. It matches our wonderful Gplan sideboard. Was it a total steal at just £10? Why yes, it was. The only caveat around this purchase is that in order to hang this in the living room I think we might just need a new wall colour....I've already started the groundwork for this with the resident ex-painter aka my husband.

Second delight of the day:

This beautiful vase caught my eye straight away, it's a 1960's Newton Abbott pottery gem. I love the pattern. Initially I decided against buying it because it was too expensive at £10, I tend to decide how much I'm willing to spend before I consult the price tag and if it doesn't meet my max then it doesn't come home. However, as I was looking at it the shop assistant said she loved it too and that it had been there for ages which she couldn't understand, I said I also loved it and she offered it to me for 50% less so I went for it and it's now part of my merry 'junk' filled home, horay!


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