Saturday, 17 September 2011

This weeks vintage finds.

1 & 3 . 1960's Meakin 'Impact' design dinner service: 18 plates, a gravy boat, 2 Vegetable dishes and a serving platter.
2. Cute owl for LV's room.
3. Retro flour shaker...for all the flour (rice flour!) shaking I do whilst baking.

I maintained control (I think), I love the meakin dinner service and it was a steal (£30 and I've googled it and it's worth approx £130!). The owl was a mere 50p and LV loves it and the flour shaker, well, every good woman should own a flour shaker right?

I'm taking a thifting break, for a couple of weeks, just to make sure I'm not properly addicted. At least my stock is in good shape!

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