Friday, 16 September 2011

Coconut & Cherry Muffins (Wheatfree).

I deserve a treat, it's Friday after all, however I'm going wheatfree, it's pretty tricky as a lot of the things I love to eat contain wheat (CAKE). So, I have attempted one of my favourite recipes replacing the plain flour with rice flour, I threw in a little extra buttermilk as the flour packet said this flour required more liquid...and they turned out, well, quite divine really. The consistency is much heavier than usual and the coconut makes them quite grainy, yet they're still totally delicious. Rob was also very complimentary and he doesn't throw his baking related compliments around willy nilly I'll have you know.

Here's the magic recipe:

I swapped the plain flour for rice flour
I swapped Greek yoghurt for buttermilk (because I didn't have yoghurt in) and I used 210ml not 175ml
I only used 200g of cherries (because otherwise I would have needed to buy two tubs for an extra 50g, mad)
I used coconut instead of ground almonds (because I needed to break my almond obsession)
I baked at 180 degrees in a fan assisted oven (not 160 degrees)
I topped some of the muffins with coconut instead of sugar (because they're healthy muffins!..I know,denial)

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