Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Globe Trotting Tuesday - Sydney.

My love for blogging actually started four and a half years ago when Rob and I packed our bags and headed off on a three month trip to travel Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. This weekend I randomly googled my old blog. I found it. Instead of reading it all in one go I'm going to share it each week on this blog, my new blog. Thankfully my spelling has improved in the last four and a half years (phew) however I've decided to post it as I wrote it then, warts and all. Here we go.

Day 1. 

Arrived safe and sound after our mammoth 21.5hr journey from Heathrow to Sydney via Singapore, managed to fit in approx 5 films and a 5hour kip, Rob on the other hand didn't sleep at all....yikes.  A bit worse for wear when we arrived into Sydney airport we took a train to Circular Quay, Alfred Str where our Hotel was supposed to be, just so happens it was on Alfred Str Milsons Point which was another 10 min train ride, in out warm UK clothes this was not a laughing matter in the 25 degree heat...yuk, we were a sweaty mess by the time we arrived.  Had a ropey nights sleep before getting up bright and early to start our adventure.  Headed straight for Darling Harbour and wandered down to Paddy's market and then the Aquarium, which was fun.  We then caught a train back to Circular Quay and took a ferry ride over to Watson's Bay for lunch, really gorgey there apart from the noisy birds.  Were really tired after this so decided to head for the Olympic Pool, but could only take about 1/2 hour, too hot.  We were both fast asleep in our air conditioned room by 4pm and didn't wake up until 7pm, yikes tonight will be an interesting nights sleep!  Just been out for a lush Thai meal and we'll be heading to bed pretty soon, big day tomorrow, camper van day, yikes we're so excited I hope it has a loud horn.  Thats it for now will update again asap, hope you're all well.

(I am hopeful that my photography skills have also improved in the last few years!)


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