Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Au revoir British Summertime.

I think it's safe to say that Summer has ended. I've worn tights twice this week and not regretted it for a second, so I know Autumn has arrived, maybe not officially, but in my book, it's here. I quite like Autumn, mainly because you pretty much know what to expect. I always feel so excited about Summer and to be honest, it's usually/mostly disappointing. So here are ten reasons why I'm excited about Autumn 2011:

1. I won't have to battle to get sludgy factor 50 sun cream onto LV and then off my hands.
2. We won't be so disappointed when we wake up and it's not sunny.
3. We've decided to take a trip to the Norfolk coast for the weekend. Yippeeeee
4. I get to wear my tights and nice winter coats.
5. Conkers, I think LV is old enough for her first family tournament.
6. Halloween, I think I'll attempt a homemade costume this year.
7. Using the slowcooker my Mum & Dad bought us this Spring.
8. Watching films all day and not feeling guilty about it because the weather is too horrid to venture out.
9. New Autumnal recipes: pumpkin cookies! Yum
10. Most importantly.....we're getting closer to CHRISTMAS!

Lots to look forward to. Can't wait.

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