Saturday, 30 July 2011

We squeezed so much in we nearly got stuck.

We were flying solo today, Rob ventured off down to Wales so LV and I set about on our adventure pretty early, 9am to be precise. First we hit the arts and crafts market, where we managed to pick up these beauties, for a mere £6, we bought 6 dainty plates:

I can't wait to use them. I have hidden them under another pile of plates for now so I don't have to justify why we need more pretty plates to Rob, I think they'll blend in just fine. Then we hung out with some friends in the park until our hunger got too much and we gave in and headed home. LV took the opportunity to snooze whilst I gazed lovingly at my new plates. When LV woke we got our summer gladrags on ready to hit a BBQ at my lovely friend Jo's house.

She loves her Dorothy shoes.



Saying cheese. I don't encourage this.

Me laying an egg. haha not really, LV's first go at photography, not too shabby!

And then it actual incident. It's not like us to get through a Saturday without any incidents and today was no different. We had the near loss of vision last Saturday, but this incident was worse (and real), I heard those dreaded words 'Mummy I'm stuck'. My response, quite casually 'You're stuck? Where?' I could see the back of her right by me and it just looked like she was playing quietly, but no, LV had stuck her whole arm down a tube, a fixture to an outdoor sand play station and it was genuinely stuck. Her hand came out the bottom and the tube (a hard plastic) encapsulated her entire forearm  and it was not going anywhere...I panicked, staying calm is not my forte, my first thought was 'amputation'. Not by me, I wasn't going to cut her arm off, but it did cross my mind we may need drastic action, luckily (not for LV it must have felt like a horrid Chinese burn) I managed to twist it off. phew...another incident to tick off the list.

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