Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Typewriter.

Yesterday whilst on one of my thrifting expeditions I stumbled across a diamond of a find...something thrifting dreams are made of really....I uncovered, behind shelves of old board games an unusual looking square shaped object. It was heavy, grey, had a handle and the words 'Made in France', I was intrigued....and frustrated that I couldn't work out how to open the damn thing! I was so intrigued I persevered and eventually after 5 minutes of trying to get the lid off (at this point I still didn't know what was inside) the shop assistant took pity on me and explained that it opened by pressing the two silver buttons on the top of the case at the same time - clearly, the only defense I have for being such a moron is that I was trying not to disturb LV by trying to be quick and quiet as she was having an afternoon snooze in the pram whereas in fact she would have been more disturbed if she'd awoken to see the steam coming out of my ears as my brain burned with the difficult task of trying to remove the lid from a typewriter. After writing this I realise I don't even deserve a typewriter.

I was amazed. I love typewriters. It was £3.99! I couldn't resist. I think Rob wishes that I had tried harder to resist.

I have been pondering all day what I might use it for and I've settled on a letter writing project. I will write letters to LV detailing the 2.5 years since she was born. I will focus on the things that I think she'll find interesting to know about herself when she's older. I have badgered my mum in the past for details on what I was like when I was a baby and she has sometimes drawn a blank - I realise this is because those precious baby/toddler memories are etched into her soul and not necessarily her long term memory. ;-) My mum was also the proud owner of 3 children under 5 years, a challenge not many take on, a woman much braver than I. So just in case we do decide to expand our brood I'm going to diarise the early years for LV...on my typewriter. However, I have already encountered a small glitch in being a saintly memory recording mother, the typewriter is so noisy that it's driving Rob insane. Typewriting will have to be saved for when he's out of the house.

Imperial Concorde Typewriter courtesy of Age Concern:

Noisy but nice.



  1. I love it! Reminds me that I've got one as well stashed away in the attic...must find space for it. Am suddenly inspired!

  2. Well jeal!! The next gem you find has my name on it! How's about a thrifting-date in June??

  3. I have two, one has ur name all over it. Yes to June. YES!xx