Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Totally Tomatoes.

Back in April LV and I bought two tiny tomato plants, they didn't do that well despite religious watering, warmth all the TLC a tomato plant could wish for. They didn't spring into action and then there was 'the incident' where I nipped off the actual flowers from one of the plants (instead of the side shoots...a result of miscommunication). So, understandably I thought we were nearing the end of their short lives, I was reaching acceptance that I wasn't green fingered and I just wasn't meant to grow tomatoes...but then something wonderful happened. After repotting the limp, yellow leaved, mutilated cherry tomato plant it embraced its new home, clung to life and started sprouting tomatoes left right and centre...I was thrilled and LV ecstatic and on our return from work/nursery today one of the tomatoes is turning red! We danced, we laughed oh how we revelled in our plant growing success  and tomorrow we will pick it, cut it and share it. I cannot wait.

Unfortunately the plum tomato plant hasn't done quite so well, the main reason for this is LV threw her space hopper at it and three tomatoes fell off leaving just the one lonely tomato. No other signs of tomatoes on this plant. Despite this sad news I am still overwhelmed with excitement regarding our one red tomato. Well done us.
ps - the chili plant and the pepper plant didn't make it....we tried, we failed...but we'll try again.

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  1. Hi Kat

    It's Em's friend, Rose - I LOVE your blog. Anyhow, just thought I'd say hi as your post yesterday was particularly pertinent as that very morning i also had to admit defeat with a tomato, chilli AND pepper plant that I planted in April. I set out with such good intentions but I failed miserably. I've had to throw everything away and I'll start again at the weekend!

    I have a blog too but i've not updated it in ages...hopefully this weekend as I have to post up my chocolate & pistachio fudge which was kick ass yum!

    Take care

    Rosie x