Saturday, 23 July 2011

A bob and an incident...nearly.

It was LV's first proper trip to the hairdressers today, it was a bit stressful as the hairdresser felt it appropriate to treat LV like an adult suggesting LV lean her head to the left, then the right etc...LV stared blankly I mean I think she's pretty bright but we're not quite at knowing our left from our right side yet!We got through it and she came out of the salon with a sassy new bob...cute.

The incident occurred after the haircut whilst walking to the park, suddenly LV started shouting 'I can't see, I can't see' panic stricken I got down to her level like a whippet to see that thankfully she hadn't suddenly gone blind, she had simply closed her eyes. Phew, panic over. Our time in the park was pretty uneventful we had fun in the sandpit followed by an ice cream before LV decided a snooze was in order which allowed the husband and I to enjoy a leisurely celebratory lunch.

 Celebratory because the lovely husband has been offered a new job, horay! A permanent job, that's close to home, a promotion and with a fabulous company...well done Rob!! We're both very proud of you.


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