Friday, 10 June 2011

Say what LV?

LV has given me a lot to laugh about this week, sometimes it's what she says, other times her expressions and a lot of the time just her laughing tickles me.

1. I was getting ready for a day out at the races with work, I didn't want to go too glam as I had to work in the office during the morning so I decided to up the style stakes with some dangly earrings:

LV sees me, gasps and covers her mouth with her hand before saying "Oh I love those!" hahaha followed by "they're my favourite ones".

2. Reading Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. I paused to sneeze and LV continued with the story out loud, I had no idea she knew ALL the words, queue me in fits and her in giggly fits whilst still reading her fave bedtime story. Now I'm going to test her on all her books.

3. Watching a wildlife programme LV "Oh I'll have one of those, an oragatang" me "ummm I'm not sure about that I think they like to live in hot places maybe I can find you a ladybird tomorrow?" LV "uuh no, I'll have a dog, I love dogs" me "uhhh no" LV "ok, yes" me "no, I said no sweetie" LV "I said yes" OH MY DAYS.

Beyond cute.xo.

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