Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Say what LV?

The below took place whilst I was flitting about trying to get us ready for work/nursery:

LV: 'Mummy mummy it's Santa Claus' (as she stands in front of the TV)
Me: 'Really, are you sure it's Santa' (perplexed with it being May)
LV: 'Mummy come see, it's Santa'
Me: 'Mummy's just trying to get ready for work poppet, hold on'
Me: (going to the TV) ' OK, where's Santa'
LV: 'There...there....there he is'
Me: 'That's not Santa, that's Mickey Mouse with a wizards hat on...'
LV: 'oh it's Santa Mouse'
Me: 'No, it's Mickey Mouse'
LV: 'OK Mummy' (said in a tone like she was letting me win!)

I wake up excited about what she'll have to say that day...

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