Saturday, 21 May 2011

I heart vintage crockery..

Our day started at 6am, LV was up like a lark "Mummy I'm hiding, I'm hiding, come find me', I'd have preferred a leisurely lie in, but once she's up, she's up and she's so perky it doesn't usually take me long before I'm bouncing around after her. We got ready for the day ahead, ate breakfast and then we didn't stop ALL DAY, I'm exhasuted.

It went a bit like this:

Writing out playlist for arrival drinks (Wedding)
Present buying for LV's friends birthday party
Taking LV to said friends party
Appointment at florists to discuss Wedding flowers - table arrangements
Charity shop perusal - found two more wedding vases, a lovely tea cup and a lamp shade..yippeee
Lunch at Pizza Express - (LV slept the for the whole meal...this never happens)
Phone call to check on Auction bids...I WON!!!!!
Trip to Auction to collect winnings
Home via the garden centre for compost
Sorting through winnings
Re-potting tomato plants (extra exciting news, there's a tiny tomato on my mutilated plant...seriously against all odds!)
Dinner at Sal & Toms

Today's fabulous finds:

Lovely pink vintage tea cup.

Two more wedding vases (total £4...amazing)

Pink, grey & white fringed lampshade, couldn't resist (£1) and it has a home already!


Auction winnings...tea party equipment:

Mixed vintage crockery.

I love a good auction. Tomorrow I would like to do...NOTHING.

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