Thursday, 14 April 2011

Two successes in one day...whatever next

Today I worked from home and managed to get a lot more done than I ever do in work. I had to psych myself up to actually sitting down and starting but once I was in the flow it was fine. Success number one happened at lunchtime, I decided to bake red velvet cupcakes, they were relatively easy, and delicious, they weren't red, but I didn't care. I think the  problem was the asda own red food colouring rather than the recommended Dr Oetker, or too much cocoa powder?! They were fab all the same and who knew cream cheese frosting was so easy to make! I'll be trying that recipe again, maybe next time I'll swap the muffin cases for cupcake cases - a muffin sized cupcake is a bit much!

Second success of today was the Lindy Hop class Rob and I went to. It was brilliant fun and Rob was true to his text and he pulled some serious moves out of the bag..haha. Apparently Lindy Hop is a 'social' dance so you have to dance with lots of partners, this freaked me out a bit as the other attendees were pretty wacky looking....but we got the hang of it and had a great time, we'll definitely go again. I wasn't even put off by the guy who had been going for two years and was out of time ALL THE TIME...and had a really sweaty hand...yip. I should have had more faith in us, the signs were definitely there.
Charls wedding 2007


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