Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I have written out, addressed and stamped 25% of our wedding invites and I can't face doing any more, not tonight. We've had a busy few days with wedding related activities, Monday night we talked menus with our venue, Tuesday night we talked prayers and hymns with the vicar and then tonight I had a dress fitting (amazing!) and as mentioned invitation writing. My dress is by designer Claire Pettibone, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and very nearly bought it before even trying it on, insane I know but wedding dresses will do that to a woman! I bought the dress 8 months ago and am still totally in love with it, I can't wait to spend a whole day sashaying around in it.

Check out Claire Pettibone's beautiful bridal collection here: Claire Pettibone

I'm mega excited but also a bit exhausted by it all. It's dance night tomorrow night so am super psyched about that. Another reason for feeling totally worn out today is the stress I endured while trying to win another cake stand on ebay (I don't need another cake stand I just like to feed my addiction) got a bit competitive in the last minute and even though I won (hurahhh!) I still felt annoyed that I had been drawn into a bidding war in the last minute....don't these people realise I need the stand more than they do?! Luckily I have cupcake ingredients in the cupboard, that should soften the blow (for Rob) when he realises there is yet another cake stand in the kitchen.

Small, yet perfectly formed.


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