Saturday, 1 October 2011

Say what LV?

A few gems from this week:

In Sainsbury's...
Me: Daddy is taking a long time, lets go back and get him.
LV: I'll shout him 'COME ON DADDY MINCER'
Yep, LV has misheard the word minxy and has started to refer to Rob as Daddy Mincer.

En route to a friends party...
Me: Please can you point Isobel out to me when we arrive, what does she look like?
LV: She looks like a Kangaroo
Oh super, she should be easy to spot then

Clean up operation
Me: LV please can you start tidying away your toys?
LV: I can't
Me: Why not?
LV: It's too tricky

Flapping, trying to get out the door for work/nursery in the morning
LV: Come on, lets get cracking!

She makes us laugh. And here she is dressed in her home-made fairy costume, she wasn't impressed. Rob thought I'd dressed her as a wizard!uh no.


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