Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What LV wore.

This little lamb of ours has a pretty fabulous flare for fashion already. She tends to pick what she wears, it's not always practical but I like to encourage her independence. Obviously I have to draw the line on occasion, like when she wants me to draw her a bunnies nose and whiskers on her face, everyday.

She can certainly rock a pinafore dress, that's for sure!

Dress: Vintage St Micheals.
Top: Gifted
Zip up: Thrifted
Shoes: NEW - Hush Puppies

And the brilliant thing is there's no danger of her choosing something I don't like, thankfully as I buy all her clothes, yay (obviously, she is only nearly 3...I'm not encouraging independence to the extent where she does her own clothes shopping...not yet.)

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