Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Paint me.

In April I picked up this proud pair, I painted them and they looked fab....I'm sure you'll agree.

I planned to find another painting project, but quickly realised you don't find these types of projects, they find you!
Introducing Percy, he cost 50p and he's crying out for a makeover. I still have plenty of purple spray paint left over, but it doesn't feel right, I'm thinking turquoise! So this weekend painting project part deux will commence.

I can't wait. While we're talking projects I thought it worth mentioning that our growing project (tomatoes) is going swimmingly, the 'sweet & juicy' plant is blossoming which I'm thrilled about. The plum tomato plant has been tricky from day one and there was the incident with the space hopper, but despite its past we harvested one big red tomato last night, we ate it and it tasted like snow. Weird. Thankfully the sweet and juicy ones are just that. phew.

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