Saturday, 20 August 2011

Happy Birthday Rob!

I always get mega excited about Robs birthday, mainly because it means that my birthday is just 2 more days away. So, last night whilst Rob was still at work I set about baking him a birthday cake. Now, I have pretty much mastered muffins so think I was lulled into a bit of a false sense of security and stated 'no, I'll bake a cake!' when Rob suggested we get a nice shop bought cake. I really wish I'd listened. So, I attempted a Vanilla sponge sandwich cake, I've made Vanilla cup cakes and they were delicious so I was pretty sure it would be a breeze. It was not a breeze.
All was going well with the first sponge:

I felt excited.

I made the second sponge and popped it in the oven and went to put my feet up, when I returned to the kitchen my first sponge had taken a bad turn:

A crater had appeared! 

I didn't panic because I thought I'd just fill the crater with jam and butter icing and then plonk the second sponge on top. I removed the second sponge from the oven and all looked well so I left them to cool. On my return I discovered that the second sponge was nowhere near baked and under the cooked surface lay a mass of uncooked cake. Oh God. So I had to bin the second sponge. The problem I faced now was that Rob was due home in 20 minutes so I whipped up some vanilla frosting and smothered the top of the cake in jam and frosting. You can imagine how much there needed to be to fill the enormous hole! Rich. 

Once decorated it looked totally fine. I haven't mentioned the chaos that lies beneath  and hopefully Rob will be polite enough not to mention it, tehe. 
Another cake bites the dust. 

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