Tuesday, 23 August 2011

George & Georgia.

I've never questioned why my mum and dad have a large paper mache giraffe in their hallway, it's been there so long I can't remember a time when it wasn't there, in fact before the hallway I think it was in the living room. His name is George, George the giraffe. It was LV who asked "why?"....I was stumped so I asked mum "well, I bought it for your dad for his birthday", hmmmm like you do. What shall I get my husband for his birthday...I know, a massive paper mache giraffe. So, that explains George, but there's not just one giraffe, there's two! Georgia is a smaller paper mache giraffe. So I assumed this must have been another birthday present, me 'oh so Georgia was a present for dad the year after?" mum " oh no, that one was just in the sale!" Obviously. Watch out Rob I'm from a gene pool of interesting present buyers, you best be clear if you have a present preference otherwise there might just be a paper mache animal coming your way!

Regardless of why my mum and dad have two paper mache giraffes in their hallway LV loves them! We had to draw the line at taking the giraffes out in the car with us, but LV is having a great time with these two:


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