Sunday, 28 August 2011

Chatsworth House a day-tripping adventure.

We took a trip to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, we haven't visited a Stately Home before, it was very swish. We arrived unprepared, well, I thought I'd done a great job at preparation, I'd packed a picnic, but it seems that there's more to day-tripping than sandwiches and squashy drinks. Both Rob and I had totally inappropriate footwear on, him flip flops, me sandals, this did not bode well on the farm or in the wood chipping covered play area. We were both freezing too, it was lovely when we set off and the forecast was great, but then the weather took a turn and we had to take shelter in the picnic room as all the walking boot/rain coat/combat trouser wearing parents moseyed on by to the animal feeding demonstration. It wasn't worth getting soaking wet for, I'll take LV to the garden centre next weekend and she can watch the rabbits eat there. Civilised. The sun did pop out a few times so I snapped away.

 Gladys basking in a rare moment of sun.

LV was supposed to accompany me on to the tractor, she refused, I was already there, seemed silly to miss the opportunity, who knows if I'll ever get the chance to sit on a tractor again!

Amazing brass light fixture in Chatsworth House.

After Chatsworth we headed into Bakewell, Rob was excited when I mentioned Bakewell was famous for its tarts...cheeky. The weather picked up, we had tea, cake, found a little arts and crafts fair that I whizzed around before Rob had the chance to freak out (he's not a keen craft/market browser like me). Bakewell is lovely.

 I lovely cup of tea. (Note: my new cardi! He got the subtle hint/email!)

Spot of hide and seek.

So lovely, I think I could live here.

In this house! Can you imagine Christmas in this house?! I can.

Note to self: Day-tripping requires waterproofs, appropriate footwear, I can't imagine I'll ever wear combats (maybe there's a suitable alternative?) well as food.

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