Saturday, 16 July 2011

Favourite Friday.

I managed to wangle Friday afternoon off work, the sun was shining and I was oh so relieved to have finished the working week after a fair few late nights. I collected LV we popped home for supplies: sun cream, water, camera...and we headed to the park. There was talk of ice cream, I started it and we thought it best to do ice cream first, play later, so we headed for the ice cream kiosk.
I had a Mr Whippy, LV chose the biggest most colourful lolly (I decided to overlook the potential for hyperactivity as it was the weekend).

After our ices it was time to play..we hung out in the park for ages, it was so gorgeous...I started to daydream about living somewhere hot and what a difference it would make to our lives. Maybe one day. Happy weekend.

Season 1 30 Rock arrived today so we've got the chocolate covered raisins in and we're ready to ROCK ;-). Rob's not even trying to disguise his disappointment that it's not the latest season of Entourage.

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