Sunday, 17 July 2011

Caribbean street party.

As part of my 'fit before 30' campaign I have been meaning to go to the gym all week, it didn't transpire, mainly due to the wisdom tooth infection that took over my life. Yesterday I had no excuses so I headed to one of my fave dance classes, body jam. Unfortunately, the routine had changed in my 6 week absence (what with wedding planning, honeymooning and of course the gum infection it's been 6 weeks!eek) so gone was my smug-like I-know-this-routine and will annoy all other class members by dancing my socks off demeanor to be replaced with fear. There's nothing worse than being the one that goes the wrong way, can't co-ordinate their arms and legs, who is sweating like a loon (after the warm up!)...this time it was me. To make matters worse Rob and LV had gone for a swim so once they'd finished they came and WATCHED me. The theme for the next 12 weeks in Caribbean street party...I'll need all the help I can get.

Yoga tonight, fingers crossed it'll be less embarrassing, unless of course they make me do 'lions breath'.


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