Monday, 6 June 2011

Hen hoot & recovery.

Cluck. The Hen was fabulous, Friday Em and Ally arrived and we headed over to Sals for pizza, the highlight of the pre-hen night was the surprise arrival of Queen George, a lovely treat. The second highlight was getting home to discover the lovely Jojo had made me a video to wish me well on my hen do - filmed in Central Park - oh I say. The third, the massive spider that caused chaos as we all leapt around the room squealing with fright.

Saturday Sal picked me up and took me to a gorgeous salon for a full body massage, yup, top to toe, it was amazing. She collected me 2 hours later and we headed home where they'd (my fabulous hens) created a tea party feast and my ace friends that couldn't make it had bought me an exquisite bouquet (thanks Jo and Gana):


We hung out in the garden supping fizz and pimms through grotesque male anatony shaped straws, we giggled and chatted. The bus arrived to take us to our archery class and off we moseyed:

Archery was brilliant. We then headed home to get ready for a meal out and a spot of dancing. The meal was fab, it was a bit of a slippery slope for me really with the excessive (for me) amounts of bubbles and vino...I think it was the jaegerbomb that saw me on my way properly though.

The club (what I can remember) was super. The next day was not great. I woke up and felt retched until 9pm last night. It was extreme, but worth it, I had a hoot....a hen hoot. CLUCK.

Two and a half weeks until the wedding...oh my days.


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