Friday, 8 April 2011

Summer is here....

Well, technically it's Spring, but what a gorgeous day! I picked the perfect day to have off work and have been sat out in the garden reading my book and drinking green tea. I've not been lazing around all morning though, I put in a good 2 hours work this morning scouring charity shops for crystal vases for the wedding, didn't find any vases, but I did bag a bargain in the form of a wicked red scooter for LV, a pair of Gap shorts for Art (LV's cousin) and a tartan dress aged 12 - 18 months with the cutest white collar (I have no-one to give this to, but I couldn't resist!). I also popped into a local florist to talk bridal bouquet and bridesmaid bouquet costs....Oh My Days....who knew a bunch of flowers could cost so much! I did at least get chance to have a look at some flowers and think I now know what I'll be going for, how exciting. I love these:

White Crysanthemum

Pink Dahlia flower

White dahlia flower

I'm all about keeping it simple so I'm thinking white and peach crysanthemum bouquet for me and plain white crysanthemum bouquets for my merry maids. I also need to start thinking about the wedding cake, I'm keen for something like this:

The perfect wedding cake with bunting!

Must dash, off to Devon.xo

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