Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I heart hen do's

My lovely sisters are planning my hen do and I have spent ALL day thinking about how brilliant it's going to be. We're following a retro tea party theme, followed by an archery class (perfect as we're in Nottingham, Robin Hood territory), dining out and onto a club, in an ideal world it'd be a rock 'n' roll club, but there's no such thing around these parts. I am totally excited all the same, I'm going to get myself a fancy dress and start looking at cupcake recipes for the tea party. Yippeeeee. After our weekend away in Devon we have lots to do in preparation for the wedding: we're meeting with the venue staff to finalise menus, we're meeting with the vicar to talk prayers and hymns and then it's my dress fitting - ALL next week!! Oh and invites are printed and ready for me to address (think I'll do that next week too).  xo

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  1. I've been seeing tin jars for the use of flowers and stuff everywhere!! love this pics. hope your weds going well!